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24 Hour Emergency Pump & Motor Repair Service Laurence Is Ready 24-7-365 Emergencies don’t always happen during business hours. Often, emergencies happen after hours, peak, or rest hours on a weekend or during a holiday when it’s most inconvenient. Laurence is there when you need us regardless of whether it's day or night. Laurence’s 24-hour emergency pump and motor repair service is available 365 days a year to keep your operation up and running. You always have the confidence of knowing that if you have a pump or electric motor problem, Laurence’s expert service is just a phone call away.

An expert customer service representative will return your call as soon as possible and make arrangements to meet you and get your problem solved. We can troubleshoot on-site or, if necessary, pick up your pump or motor and get it to our shop as quickly as possible. Laurence 24 Hour Emergency Pump and Electric Motor Repair Service is available by calling 1-718-272-2700, by fax at 1-718-272-8601.

Laurence Pump and Motor Field Service
Diagnostics, Troubleshooting and Repair

Laurence strives to assure optimal uptime for your operation, expert and timely repair and maintenance of your pumps and motors is essential. That’s why Laurence offers comprehensive industrial pump and motor field services to keep you up and running. You always have the confidence of knowing that if you have a problem, Laurence's expert field service and mechanics are just a phone call away. Those pump and motor field services include removal and reinstallation of your equipment, rewinding, parts replacement where necessary*, troubleshooting of controls and control systems and repairs as necessary, Of course, the best way to seal with breakdowns is not to have them occur at all. Laurence offers a full line of predictive maintenance services including

  • Testing of all systems
  • Lubricating and exercising of all mechanical parts
  • Servicing and cleaning all electrical and or electronic controls and components
  • Laser Shaft Alignments
  • Motor Current and Vibration Analysis
  • Motor Testing

    Laurence Pump and Motor Repair Field Service is available by calling 1-718-272-2700, by fax at 1-718-272-8601

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